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New Committee as of 20th September 2019


Following the resignations of various members, the committee currently consists of the following members.

Chairman: Danny Shurmer GW7BZR

Vice-Chair: John Parry  GW3VVC
Secretary: Simon Taylor MW0NWM
Treasurer: Cath Thorley 


Ordinary members:
Cliff Nicholls  2W0CBZ

Kevin Thorley  MW1CFA

Stewart Rolfe   GW0ETF

Karl Byast   2W0FNA


There are also non committee positions, some of which have been filled by committee members. The positions are:

Refreshments : Cliff Nicholls  2W0CBZ

Door / Subs : Beth Roberts

QSL Manager  :  Tony Wright  GW0LIS

Equipment Officer  : Dylan Williams MW5EPI

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News : September 2018

Yeasu FTdx3000.  The new kid on the block....

Our new transceiver which received it's first serious use at GB2VK at Waunfawr, and then at GB100MCV (RMS Leinster special

event) at the Sea Cadets Building in Holyhead (Oct 2018).

News : 4th March 2018

Sent in by John GW3VVC

With reference to our Special Event at Waunfawr GB2VK for the 100th Anniversary of direct Radio Communications  between Australia and the UK , a copy of an article in "Morsum Magnificat, Christmas 1993" detailing the contacct between GB2VK Waunfawr, North Wales, and VK2WAH Wahroonga, NSW.

With acknowledgements to Morsum Magnificat ©Zyg Nilski, G3OKD

The MM magazine archive can be found at

Past issues available (PDF) for download for non-commercial use.

News : 22nd January 2018

With reference to our Special Event at Waunfawr for International Marconi Day Saturday 21st April here is a link to a CADW document about WW1 military sites including the Marconi Station at Waunfawr.  Photograph and Maps included, interesting historical background to what is now a re-purposed site.

News : 20th January 2018

Committee : Following the Committee Meeting Friday 20th January, we are pleased to announce that Paul Dicken GW1PCD has accepted the post of Publicity Officer,

and that Steve Goodwin MW6KGY has accepted the post of Events Coordinator.

New Committee as of AGM November 20th 2017


Following the reports, the committee for 2017 / 2018 was elected unanimously. The current committee is listed below:
Chairman: Simon Taylor MW0NWM
Vice-Chair: John Parry GW3VVC
Secretary: John Pritchard MW0JWP
Treasurer: John Brimecombe GW3GUX

Ordinary members:
Cliff Nicholls 2W0CBZ, Bryn Smiles MW6DZO, Emil Preda MW0IMZ and Steve Goodwin MW6KGY.

There are also non committee positions, some of which have been filled by committee members. The positions are:
Door Keeper: Steve Nelson MW6SPN, with help from Bryn Smiles MW6DZO.
Equipment Officer: Kevin Jones MW0IBT
Refreshments: Cliff Nicholls 2W0CBZ
Newsletter Editor: Simon Taylor MW0NWM

Taken from the Chairmans AGM Report :

I would like to send a huge congratulations Stewart (‘ETF), Danny (‘BZR), who with two friends of the club, including Steve (GW0GEI) and Martin (MW0BRO) entered the annual Islands On The Air (IOTA) Contest from Holyhead breakwater. They entered the Island, Multi Operator Single Transmitter, Low Power category. I am proud to say they gained 1st Place as GW6W Dragon ARC, well done you should all be very proud of your hard work, skill and effort!

John MW0JWP has also been instrumental in Dragon ARC joining the RAIBC, helping to support people with limited or no sight to pass their exams.

December 2016 : Simon MW0NWM, happy at passing the Full RSGB Exam!

All enquiries  -  please contact our Secretary

Simon Taylor MW0NWM
Email  darc.secretary (at)

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