Dragon ARC Intermediate Licence Course
We have just finished our latest Intermediate Course in February 2021 and therefore will not be holding another one until the second half of this year.
The fee for attending our Intermediate Course is £5, which is to help cover the cost of Zoom. You will also need to have a new copy of the Intermediate Licence Manual, which can be obtained via the link found below the picture to the right. The exam fee is discussed in the text below.
Intermediate Licence

Now that you have your Foundation amateur radio licence and have gained experience operating, it may be time for you to move on to an Intermediate Licence.

The Intermediate Licence carries with it more privileges and also more responsibilities on you as a radio amateur.

The main advantage of stepping up to the Intermediate Licence is the increase in permitted operating power.

You will be able to go from the 10 watts of the Foundation Licence, up to 50 watts as an Intermediate Licence holder.

The course

It’s actually not necessary to take a course to sit the Intermediate exam, but we would strongly recommend doing so, giving you the best opportunity to pass the exam.

The course we offer is run online using Zoom and involves lectures, demonstrations, group and 1 to 1 support sessions, homework tasks and mock examinations. The Intermediate Licence syllabus contains more licence conditions, further basic electronics theory and more in depth amateur radio theory.

The exam

The online examination consists of 45 multiple-choice questions each with four possible responses.

The examination lasts one hour and 25 minutes and you will be given your indicative result immediately after the exam. You will receive your official pass certificate around 6 working days after your exam.

The online exam is organised by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) on behalf of the government telecommunications agency OFCOM. For the Intermediate licence exam there is a fee of £32.50 and we shall tell you when and how to apply for your exam during the course.  Don’t forget that you need to have passed the Foundation exam first!


What happens after the exam?

When you have received your pass certificate, you may then log on to the Ofcom licensing system to apply for your licence.

If you apply for your Intermediate licence on the Ofcom website, your licence is free of charge.

Visit the Ofcom website to find out more.

Ofcom will then issue you with your new, upgraded radio licence and you can get started immediately on the Intermediate frequency allocations at up to 50 watts power.

Now you are not only a licensed radio amateur, but you are one step closer to having the Full Licence (Advanced Exam); an internationally recognized qualification that will enable you to transmit legally almost anywhere in the world.